KevOz - Relaxation and Action

This album infectiously grew on me with repeated listens, with it bearing notable comparisons to the works of Jean Michel Jarre, Ray Lynch, Mannheim Steamroller and even Richard Bone’s “Coxa” and “Electropica” albums. Those, especially, who may find themselves nostalgic for the style of many new age synthesizer albums released during those periods, by the aforementioned artists and others, are sure to enjoy this album immensely.

KevOz - 60 Minutes of Music for Massage, Meditation, Relaxation, Sleep, YogaThis hour long song is like the best "Hearts of Space" program you've never heard. KevOz takes you through a series of short, related pieces that range from gently upbeat to contemplative, without breaking the mood he sets early on.

KevOz - DigitalInspired by Moby's instrumental tracks, Tangerine Dream, Art of Noise, and Herbie Hancock's "Rockit," KevOz pulls from a mix of old-school synth sounds to create the satisfying electronic album Digital. While individual sonic elements in tracks like 'Revolver' remain simple throughout, the producer weaves them together into engaging and pleasingly uncluttered grooves; similarly, 'Debonair' starts with a funky, Bernie Worrell-esque synth bass, and then evolves into tasty, multi-layered dissonance before transforming into a body-moving breakdown.

KevOz - Relaxation and Action

It's been a while since synth-wizard KevOz has released an album, but Relaxation and Action is worth the wait...a homespun approach emphasizing tuneful melodies and catchy beats. It's joyful, exuberant, and unself-conscious!

KevOz - Ticket To AntarcticaThe music is consistently upbeat and overflowing with the joy of discovery. Gorgeous, suggesting the majesty and awesome beauty of the surrounding landscape. Recommended!

KevOz - Return To LakefrontThe album has no subtext, no message, or no deep layer that needs to be unlocked, instead giving the listener breezy tunes with infectious beats and lots of "sunny day" attitude. The wonderful closing number Sunset may be the best thing KevOz has recorded up to this date. It’s a slowly building dynamic exuberant song with an undeniable joyfulness running through it, as a piano refrain is joined by one synth after another, as well as some nicely muted tom-toms. It’s an excellent closing cut.

KevOz - Into OrbitThe Museum of Natural History's Planetarium would definitely have a use for this one! Sit back, relax, listen with your headphones, and head out of this world.

KevOz - Holiday FunKevOz has assembled a number of ingenious arrangements consistent with the Chip Davis genre. This is the kind of music that deserves to show up on the holiday instrumental mix tape, 6-disc changer, or playlist.

KevOz - 25 Greatest Christmas HitsIf you sometimes find a holiday album is lacking one of your favorites, that's unlikely to happen with this rambunctious assortment of carols (including four originals). KevOz loves his assortment of synths and keyboards and I'd wager you can hear them all on this recording. These are not "ordinary" renditions of holiday standards and they will best be enjoyed by folks who like a healthy dose of fun and whimsy with their carols (and they better love synthesizers, too!).

KevOz - 60 Minutes of Music for Massage, Meditation, Relaxation, Sleep, YogaWe here at "Wings" with Angel and Brian are totally enamored with Kevin's music. The best relaxation music we have had in a long dry spell!

KevOz - Relaxation and ActionNot only is KevOz a one-man band with his music, but he also did the clever and dynamic cover artwork. Many of the tracks on Relaxation and Action express a strong sense of playfulness and fun with driving beats, dancing notes, and a variety of bells and whistles. I occasionally find myself thinking of Ray Lynch, Yanni, and even some of Fiona Joy’s earlier electronic music, mostly because of the joy of making music that comes across. 

KevOz - A SamplerThe music of KevOz takes in a number of different electronic styles, from dance to new age to ambient to melodic but always with a smoothness that KevOz brings to every track.

KevOz - 25 Greatest Christmas HitsMany of the pieces have the high energy of Mannheim Steamroller and the whimsical humor of Ray Lynch. You can create a party atmosphere instantly with this album, and it will have you rockin’ around the Christmas tree in no time. One of the livelier and more joyful albums I’ve heard. Check it out!

KevOz - DigitalAn homage of sorts to the many faces of EM, KevOz's Digital is one flat out fun album, and top notch production quality flows through the entire album.

KevOz - Christmas SpiritKevOz pumps power into synthesized new age pop treatments of holiday standards. This instrumental album does keep listeners guessing every second while generating a slick, electric atmosphere of contemporary mood music. For those who enjoy Mannheim Steamroller on a hallucinogenic trip, KevOz's Christmas Spirit may be the perfect ride. Cool!

KevOz - LakefrontThis wonderful collection of original instrumental tunes is both unique and refreshing. His melodies capture life in the making– they are light and happy as well as thought provoking, and instill a deep sense of hope and contentment. Perfect for meditation or background music.

KevOz - CanvasThe bouncy synth-pop "Dancing Shadows" makes excellent use of Ray Lynch-like keyboards (the same kind of trademark sound Lynch used on Deep Breakfast and No Blue Thing).

KevOz - Into OrbitKevOz wants to take you on a journey of infinite possibilities. The music pulsed with optimism and heart, cajoling the traveler to listen to the nuances of life.

KevOz - Relaxation and Action

If you happen to desire putting some relaxation time into action this can be your nonstop ticket to get there. The varying keyboard sounds make it sound so original and different that it implores you to listen. Certain elements of each track will catch every individual’s ear and for my pleasure I enjoy the diversity of the electronic keyboards. You get electronic virtuosity and experimentation all packaged together in 14 tracks.

KevOz - 60 Minutes of Music for Massage, Meditation, Relaxation, Sleep, YogaBeautiful transitions, very peaceful. I would love for this to be part of a spa or yoga studio's play cycle.

KevOz - Into OrbitSurprisingly exploratory. I can hear a lot of German Space and Synth influence and KevOz does it right. There are some nice modern touches (in his sound selection) and the sequenced parts and the drums aren’t overly repetitious. Overall, the music has a nice spacey soft feel to it.

KevOz - A Very Merry ChristmasKevOz carries on the tradition of dressing up all our favorite Christmas songs in new space-age garb, and I love it. Never garish or over-articulated, KevOz's arrangements are playful and fun, but completely down-to-earth. I enjoyed listening to this one, and it will make a worthy addition to the collections of lovers of electronic holiday music everywhere.

KevOz - CanvasHis original compositions paint lively tapestries of shadows, sunrises, happiness, dreams and much more. This CD is a definite must for your New Age music collection.

KevOz - Into OrbitTruth be told, I couldn't find a dull moment on the three consecutive trips I took, so strap yourself in for a zero-gravity aural journey of the highest order.

KevOz - Return To LakefrontThis is a very cool CD with a nice theme. KevOz’s atmospheres and soundscapes are smooth. While the sound design is certainly intricate and complex, the sound is simple and clear. The loops and layers do not clash. Rather, they contrast and compliment. It comes with a very high recommendation.

KevOz - Into OrbitOne consistent factor throughout the album is the fact that the tracks have a certain sense of style, panache and power, all of which marks KevOz as a musician of some skill. Undoubted potential for soundtrack work. By way of some masterful composing and varying styles, KevOz has produced an album that ought to have wide appeal and is a recommended purchase.

KevOz - LakefrontThe man can definitely compose a wickedly catchy hook! Kick back and have a blast with the fun grooves and rhythms of Lakefront.

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