That's me, KevOz :)

For the past several years, millions of people have heard KevOz’s music at Tokyo Disneyland®, where his holiday music has been featured in Tomorrowland® - and played in sync with a laser light show beamed onto Space Mountain®. Residing just outside of Chicago, KevOz is an independent musician who creates original instrumental compositions, ranging from Electronic to New Age – innovative instrumentals that are beyond genres. He has been profiled in Keyboard Magazine, included in "iTunes Essentials: Yoga", and featured on television as well as independent film. While many of his tracks lend themselves to relaxing moments, others are a bit more geared up for action. Everything you hear on KevOz’s albums is crafted by him. The bulk of the music is constructed on his trusty Yamaha SY77 synth (it still has a fully functional 3.5” floppy disk drive, if you can believe it), with a little assist from a Yamaha MOX6, Korg Kaossilator Pro, and a few loops and virtual instruments through his DAW of choice, Mixcraft. Everything is recorded in KevOz’s home studio. What all of this means is, you’re going to hear something totally unique…and truly independent. KevOz is a strong believer in that music should be fun – whether during the creation of the work, choosing song titles, and the listening process.

Over the years, KevOz has released 15 albums. Enjoying life, love, and music, he plans on releasing many more. He's happy you're here for the ride. Enjoy!




• old-school
• satisfying
• engaging
• uncluttered grooves
• funky
• tasty, multi-layered
• body-moving
Michael Gallant, Keyboard Magazine (now Electronic Musician)


KevOz - Relaxation and Action

• homespun approach
• tuneful melodies
• catchy beats
• joyful
• exuberant
• unself-conscious
Bill Binkelman, Zone Music Reporter



KevOz - Ticket To Antarctica• consistently upbeat
• joy of discovery
• gorgeous
• awesome beauty
Kathy Parsons,


KevOz - 60 Minutes of Music for Massage, Meditation, Relaxation, Sleep, Yoga• "Hearts of Space" 
• best relaxation music
• beautiful transitions
• very peaceful
• spa or yoga
- Reviews  

KevOz - 25 Greatest Christmas Hits• high energy
• whimsical 
• party atmosphere
• rockin'
• livelier
• joyful
Kathy Parsons,