Relaxation and Action

by KevOz

Released 2016
Kevin R. Osborn Music
Released 2016
Kevin R. Osborn Music
"A homespun approach emphasizing tuneful melodies and catchy beats. It's joyful, exuberant, and unself-conscious!" - Bill Binkelman, Zone Music Reporter • "This album infectiously grew on me with repeated listens." - Candice Michelle, Journeyscapes
Just who is KevOz, you might ask? First off – I’m a husband, a dad to a rescue dog, and a world traveler. Oh – and, I make music! I'm an independent artist who creates instrumental music ranging from softer, relaxing New Age (think: Vangelis, Yanni) to more upbeat Electronic (think, again: Tangerine Dream, Mannheim Steamroller). I like to call it innovative instrumental music that is beyond genres. I’ve always had a deep love of …
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