♫ KevOz • musician, composer, arranger ♪

60 Minutes of Music for Massage, Meditation, Relaxation, Sleep, Yoga

by KevOz

Released 2014
Kevin R. Osborn Music
Released 2014
Kevin R. Osborn Music
↑ NEW RELEASE! ↑ A complete hour of chilled-out music crafted for the specific activities of massage, meditation, relaxation, sleep, and yoga. Take your pick – with this mega-length single, the choice is yours.
“So relaxing and beautiful! Love KevOz's music!” -- Grammy® winning composer and recording artist Laura Sullivan
"Unsigned Artist of the Month" -- Michel Gallant for Keyboard Magazine
"The best 'Hearts of Space' program you've never heard!" -- Fan Review
"Sit back, relax, listen with your headphones, and head out of this world. Perfect for meditation or background music." -- …
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